An old miner's village was founded in the 14th century. Silver and pewter were mined there. The mines were owned by the monastery of Teplá. Prameny was given the rights of a town as early as in 1380. Numerous mineral springs can be found in the neighbourhood of Prameny. There was an attempt to found a spa in Prameny in the second half of the 19th century. The building of Elisabethan Spa (the Hydropathic Institute) was built in 1872. Diseases of the air passages and the lungs were treated here and ferrous springs (the Vincent Spring, the Rudolph Spring and the Gisele Spring) were used in the drinking cure. The Hydropathic Institute was converted into a rest house after 1970, in 1986 it burnt down. The Wolf's Stone Restaurant (Vlčí kámen) in the neighbourhood of Prameny was very popular with tourists. The Kladská Peat Bog nature reserve is situated to the southwest of Prameny. At presents the village is trying to renew the spa. The black grouse can be seen in the neighbourhood at the time of courtship.
Prameny Prameny